Sum Comparison buy sildenafil citrate canadian pharmacy Got my hands on a pair of JCF LEVRs. I wanted to see how they compare to my usual “go to” API 312 for makeup gain after the folcrom. After a week of pulling my hair out trying to get the LEVRs to play nice with my setup, (more on that later) they do have a nice presence that sets them apart.

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Summing experiment

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The never-ending question ITB vs OTB summing. I’m an advocate for analog processing no doubt, So in turn analog summing is convenient. But in terms of summing alone without processing..?? The question is still up in the air.

trusted tablets online pharmacy As an experiment I’d like to see what is preferred after some blind A/B testing. One of these is summed ITB. The other is 16 channels worth in the analog realm via a passive summing bus + makeup gain.

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