pink noise

Bring the noise!

Bring the noise!

For everyone that designs, tests, creates, calibrates, or has an odd preference for what they consider “listening enjoyment”, This is for you.

Having calibrated utility & test files is a must for any audio engineer. The corner-stone being pink noise. When it comes to generating tones/noise ITB I have found most DAW to be severely lacking in this area. After much frustration with the incorrect Pro Tools signal generator “Pink”. I’ve captured Tones/Noise from a calibrated D-Scope & Dolby SDU4. I’ve also included the “industry standard” DMU file that is most commonly used.

Source –

  • Prism dScope III via AES 24bit/96/48/44100
  • Dolby SDU4 via AMS MIOS 24bit/96/48/44100
  • Dolby DMU

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