April 14, 2010
AKG C 414 B-ULS vs Earthworks SR78 for drum overhead applications.

I wanted to see how the 414 & SR78 measured up for overhead duties. Both work exceptionally well but with drastically different outcomes. I personally prefer the SR78’s. By design they roll off the lowend when not used as close spot mics. This is perfect when used with other individual drum mics. If one had to only use two mics, then the 414 would be a much fuller sound. With my setup I prefer the improved mid&high end clarity from the SR78’s when used in conjunction with others in a mix. Rides just sing with the sr78’s

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February 1, 2010
Red Type B / R8 vs AKG C 414 B-ULS

After recently acquiring a Red Type B / R8 I wanted to compare it’s sound to the ole faithful 414. I also wanted to compare the mics on different sources,  that gives this drummer an excuse to noodle around on instruments I have no business otherwise touching 🙂 . So keep that in mind while listening to these. I find I prefer the RED overall. It’s a brighter mic. The 414 was darker in color with a greater Low end/Low Mid response.

I kept the mic positioning as balanced as possible.

Signal chain = Mic – Hardy M1 – DomII – DAW. Dry recording/No EQ.

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