January 12, 2014
Dolby A “trick” frequency plots.

Ever curious what the Dolby A “trick” is doing to your audio? This is a frequency plot from -62dBu / 26dBu in 2dB steps.

Dolby A encoder on/off comparison via exaggerated smashed to hell room mics.

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March 19, 2012
Time-lapse video / optical synth control experiment.

While getting familiar with the d5100’s time-lapse & video capabilities, the idea of video controlled synthesis came to mind. I unsuccessfully scanned the net looking for a something to generate midi from video. While staring off into space a psychical solution was staring back at me. My Thingamagoop 2. I ended up using it’s photocell eye to pick up the changes of light from my video experiments.

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February 16, 2012
Drums + Synth + Coffee

The result of testing out the D5100 video capabilities. Everything is shot thru a 18-200 with marco ring, no post processing (other then time manipulation).

Audio = Discarded crap drum tracks+Grendel+a lot of coffee. I was feeling a bit guilty that the Grendel Drone Commander was collecting dust, this was a perfect excuse to fire it up. Amazing what a little #ValhallaÜberMod adds to a bunch of BS.

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December 14, 2011
Music From A – Musical instrument.

From the numerous inspirational “Music From A” videos, I was inspired to make a light-heartedly sarcastic “tribute” to the creative method. Recording each element individually & spontaneously, The outcome is this ridiculousness below “Music From A – Musical instrument”.

Complete admiration to Diego Stocco for the inspiration & his contribution to our world of audio.

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