October 28, 2018
Idea Building

Inside view of how the creative process finds its way. My creative world is filled with never-ending experimentation. This is little insight into my creative process. For me is often sorting out the parts that don’t make the cut. These are such parts.

c414 EB’s on floors, guitars on the verge of feedback, and other experimentation.

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August 2, 2012
4×12 wired & ready for upcoming albums distorted synth tasks

Just finished wiring up the new 4×12 for the current album in the works. I’m going for a more “Live” heavy performance record this time around. Analog Synths, Bass, & whatever else I feel necessary via amps/speaker cabs in real-time; Something to push my drum performance hard. I’m wanting the transition from studio to stage to be one and the same. Next on the list is the Moog through a 4×10.

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