The Music & Work of Eric Beam
Music From A – Musical instrument.

From the numerous inspirational “Music From A” videos, I was inspired to make a light-heartedly sarcastic “tribute” to the creative method. Recording each element individually & spontaneously, The outcome is this ridiculousness below “Music From A – Musical instrument”.

Complete admiration to Diego Stocco for the inspiration & his contribution to our world of audio.

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Hardware gain staging (with the DAW in mind).

For many when confronted with the terms dBFS, dBu, +4/-10, VU, etc their eyes gloss over. Without understanding a few simple concepts, integrating your DAW with external hardware can be a game of trial & frustration.

To properly drive & take full advantage of hardware in the analog realm, you need to 1st understand what signal level the device is designed to receive. This is when dBu comes into play.

  • dBu – (dB in reference to 1 mW at 600 ohms, equal to 0.775 V) All you really need to know is this is a measurement standard for audio signals.

Most professional audio gear is made/calibrated to function in a +4 dBu = 0VU environment. This means when a +4 dBu signal hits the hardware input, it will read 0 VU on the hardware’s VU meter.

  • VU – Unit of measurement originally developed in 1939 by the combined effort of Bell Labs and broadcasters CBS and NBC for measuring and standardizing the levels of telephone lines.

The question that often comes up is “How do my DAW levels relate to my hardware?”

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Pro Tools 3rd Party interface record offset. Explained by Dead Man Johnson…

Ever wonder why the timing of what you record sounds so off? Or why you get phase problems while parallel processing out of the box? Well you might just have horrible timing, or you might need to figure out your I/O offsets.  A/D D/A’s, drivers, & software can all contribute to this problem.

Video Update for Pro Tools 11.

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