The Musician

AKA: Rhythm In Mind is a dark electronic artist and percussionist who mixes programmed progressions with live rhythms. Rhythm in Mind, is the brainchild of audio engineer, percussionist, and music tech Eric Beam.

Forever seeking truer expression, Rhythm & Pulse have been my instinctual starting point for music. From childhood, being quiet and precocious, I took note of the sonic world around me that triggered my lifelong study.

Drums & Percussion have been the keystone of my life. When I’m not behind the kit, chances are you will find me satisfying my analog synthesis obsession. My evolving tools of trade have and will always vary. I am an experimentalist at heart, but with a deep underlying respect for the foundation of all informed experimentalism: traditionalism.

I combine live playing, daily surroundings, & programmed synthesis. Having studied under some great Musicians, my urge to learn & focus on what I can’t currently do constantly gives me creative drive. It frees me from ever-growing complacent. Everything should be a work in progress.

This individualistic, ever-questing for knowledge attitude of mine has led me to be in a variety of differently focused bands and music collaborations. From rock, metal, jazz, Celt, Indian tabla, to of course electro-industrial, & improvisational freeform. My versatility in drumming/instrumentation is something I’m proud of.


Mastering Engineer

Audio Mastering

  • Music
  • Post
  • Digital Distribution
  • Video
  • Surround
  • Web

Analog Hardware & Digital Processing.

  • Corrective/Matching EQ.
  • Dynamic Enhancement.
  • Tonal Balance/Finalize EQ.
  • Harmonic Enhancement.
  • Stereo Image correction.
  • Output Level Optimization.
  • Dither/Sample-rate conversion for CD, DVD, or BD Disc.
  • Final track arrangement / Red Book Standard CD Duplication Master.
  • Audio compression (FLAC,MP3, AAC, & WMA)
  • FTP file transfer or snail mail.

Rates are project based.  Email me directly for more information.

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Audio engineer / Studio – Analog-Digital design


Currently holding the position of Chief Engineer at Formosa Santa Monica a surround mixing house for film, broadcast, music, and advertising located in Santa Monica, California.

My aforementioned learn-from-the-ground-up attitude has also led me to obtain a broad knowledge of Audio Engineering, which is the field in which I spend my days. Over the last two decades, I’ve been in and out of recording studios, actively producing, engineering, & designing.


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