X-Verb Lexicon inspired?

X-Verb Lexicon inspired?

While demoing the SSL Duende X-verb I noticed the preset names seemed very familiar. I noticed the similarity to the Lexicon gear that i’m used to dealing with. That got my curiosity churning.  Time for a comparison I say. I pulled up some multitrack drum noodling & a  verb bus comparing both the X-verb & Lexicon m300. The result? It’s now of my opinion the X-verb team was influenced if not down right trying to replace the classic Lexicon hardware we know.

For the comparison I pulled up similar named presets on both the X-verb/ m300 & recorded the results @ 24/48.

MP3 Examples –

Rough manual settings match –

After spending sometime with the inner control of X-Verb I feel one can re-create all of the “magic” of the hardware we have come to expect. I didn’t find a “hole/limitation” of control or feature set. Good stuff.

original drum noodle. 24/48 .wav drum-noodle.wav

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  • amazing!
    thank you for this comparison!

  • They don’t sound much alike to me. The 300 has more air and energy.

  • i second doktorfuture:
    they don’t sound much alike. and i agree that the 300 has more power and muce richer

  • you should have set up a blind test 😉

  • I think that while they don’t sound exactly the same (especially on the preset to preset comparisons, where the 300 usually sounds richer and fuller), they do sound remarkably similar, and most people would have a fairly hard time telling them apart in a mix – especially in light of the much closer sound of the “rough manual settings” matched comparisons.

    I just wish I could use X-Verb in PTHD without it crashing it. 🙁

    Great work – thanks for these useful comparisons Eric!

  • Thanks for posting the sound samples. I’m considering X-Verb myself after recently getting into the other Duende plugins.

    I wonder how resource-hungry X-Verb will be when the Native versions are launched?

    I’m impressed with the sound of X-Verb from these samples.

    Thanks again.

  • IIRC, the algorithms for X-Verb were designed by Martin Lind (Warp69), who also did the algorithms for IK’s Classik Studio Reverb, and has released the LX480 through his own company, Relab. The other two algorithms were strongly Lexicon inspired – CSR by the PCM91, and the LX480 by the 480L. So my guess is that the X-Verb algorithms have a similar topology to the 480L era of Lexicon reverbs.

  • i am blown away by the work of said martin lind. x-verb, lx480, csr are my favourite digital reverbs. saved me a lot of money in overpriced lexicon hardware that i could invest in my EMT collection 🙂 – rhythm in mind, would you be so kind to compare impulse responces with the x-verb and the real 300? cheers!

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