Goop Off

Goop Off

Quest for the Perfect Band. “Goop Off”

This came about do to my synth addiction, substance abuse, creative downtime, & stupidity. I have collected a few noize makers that never get enough air time in my tracks. So after building my new ThingaMaKIT the idea for this video was born. Enjoy.

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  • Hey Mr. Beam,

    This website is like an onion. Everytime I visit, I peel a layer and there’s a new one I haven’t seen before. The Thingmagoop band is a great idea to get rid of sloppy bass players and L.S.D. but I have no idea what you mean by Lead Guitarist Egos? I’ve never heard of such a thing!: )

  • Amazing, great to see the Great Goop Band in full swing, as far as the rest you never cease to amaze…

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