Auralex MudGuard Untreated Room Test

Auralex MudGuard Untreated Room Test

So Jon Tidey suckered me into a group buy (doesn’t take much when recording gear is involved) for a “Auralex MudGuard“. I’ve been curious how these perform for some time now. I did a quick dialog test record of myself blabbering some nonsense to get an idea of how the MudGuard changes microphone response. It does well closing in on the cardioid mic, but with a set figure 8 microphone is creates an unflattering boxy sound. My guess this is caused by lowend reflection bouncing back off the MudGuard; causing phase problems with the figure 8. All in all I plan on experimenting with this guy. If I’m going for a really up close/inside your head type of feel, this might be just the thing. Could work out well In front of a guitar cab.





Record Chain

  • RM-5 Ribbon mic via 512c + 1176 (for added gain)
  • MD-1 tube mic via 512c

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