DIY Drum Trigger Experiment.

DIY Drum Trigger Experiment.

I’ve been using triggers for practice while away from the kit & for electric needs for some time. I built a few DIY triggers sometime ago that have worked out well.

Part List

  • x1 piezo buzzer
  • Female 1/4 jacks
  • Line audio cable
  • Mouse Pad
  • Mount Base (I used wood craft tiles)
  • Glue
  • Screws
  • Anything else you would like to help MOD the thing.


1. Solder the piezo element & 1/4 jack


2.Drill holes in the base


3. Paint/Stain Base


4. Cut mouse pad


5. Glue Rubber to Base & apply pressure if needed


6. Attach piezo to the base


Step 8. Tape down the wire securely


Step 9. Screw base pieces together.


Step 8. Mount em, play & break em =)



You can see mine with my home practice rig. They trigger just as well.

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