Installing/Using Duende software 2.5.9 with Win 7 x64

Installing/Using Duende software 2.5.9 with Win 7 x64

Update 9-17-10 : Duende-V2.19.0 x64 Hardware I received a signed driver from Sydec/SSL. Great customer service. This is the latest hardware driver for the 2.x series & to be used with the 2.5.9 plugins.

  1. Download theDuende-V2.19.0 x64 Hardware
  2. Download the 2.5.9 Duende plugin package
  3. Uninstall any current Duende Software
  4. Install v2.19 manually via device manager.
  5. Install the 2.5.9 plugins



SSL never released a “microsoft signed” 2.x driver. For those that would like to use the on-board DSP 2.x duende driver on Win 7 x64 systems follow these steps.

  1. Download the 2.5.9 Duende driver
  2. Download the Driver Signature Enforcement Overrider
  3. Uninstall any current Duende Software – (Duende – device driver remove script)
  4. Enable Test Mode with DSEO – Reboot
  5. Install 2.5.9 – (it will fail)
  6. Sign the system file with DSEO (C:\Windows\System32\drivers\Duendea64.sys) – Reboot
  7. Re-Install 2.5.9

6 Responses to Installing/Using Duende software 2.5.9 with Win 7 x64

  • I’ve been trying to install the Duende driver on WIN7 64 but I get blue a screen everytime I choose the 2.19 64 bit driver…
    Am I doing something wrong? Thanks in advance for any help.

  • Hello, i have the same problem with this f*****g BSOD everytime i try to install it… This drivers doesn’t work to… I don’t understand…. I’m on a WIN7 64 too.. Could you help me please?

  • Change to legacy drivers in your card. Do everything like its written aabove and you Will be Alright.

  • Hi, thanks for your answer, so i’ll try this but i did not find the 2.5.9 Duende plugin package… Only the installer wich has the driver incorporated (and the problems with it) did you spoke about another package i don’t find or is it the “normal” installer 2.5.9 Duende ? Thank you….

  • hey ! It’s ok! I finaly change the firewire card to legacy driver and all works 😉 thank you!

  • I actually had to install the 3.5 version and then it worked fine. Sorry for not mentioning this.


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