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cheap generic cialis online My tadalafil online canadian pharmacy thingamagoop ver 2 arrived today. I can’t say why thingamagoops/kits are so badass they just are. I just finished putting it together in a custom box. (a thingamakit box actually) The new ver 2 has everything you wished for in ver 1. Modulation for days, S&H, ect. Best of all CV i/o.
What I find surprising is that all 3 vers have there place.
ver 1 for just fun simple noise.
Thingamakit has 2 leds for interesting optical based patterns & rhythms.
& ver 2 is just an all around feature slut but with only one Led.

Demo Video showcasing the Thingamagoop ver 2 controlling a MOOG Voyager RME via CV i/o.

I got together with mr. 3am not to long ago for some synth geekery. Our other goops made an appearance as well.

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