Daily Noize

February 15, 2016
LIGO Gravitational Waves

LIGO recently detected gravitational waves & uploaded some audio examples. The original audio is available here http://www.ligo.org/science/GW-Sources.php &  http://www.ligo.org/science/GW-Overview/sounds/

I was inspired by the finding. I batch converted the files (via Rx) into a more Octatrack/MPC friendly format & mangled away.

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April 5, 2012

Finished this guy up tonight (TB550A). Not the easiest of builds, as mentioned patience is key. I made a couple careless mistakes along the way, but all are resolved. TIP – Triple check alignment/orientations at all stages. For the time being I’ve loaded it up with a pair of 990’s & a CMOQ-2S. I might swap out the 990’s at some point, but I have to say it’s performing very well as is. Great EQ kit.

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