PCM 90 / PCM Native comparison

My curiosity built up enough to run a native bundle vs hardware box comparison. Out of the 70, 300, 480, & 80/90’s I have available the 90 is the closest unit I have at hand to this native lineage. It’s also the box that would get replaced 1st. I did a rough numerical parameter match just to see how close it came without further tweaking. This is the result.

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Red Type B / R8 vs AKG C 414 B-ULS

Red Type B / R8 vs AKG C 414 B-ULS

After recently acquiring a Red Type B / R8 I wanted to compare it’s sound to the ole faithful 414. I also wanted to compare the mics on different sources,  that gives this drummer an excuse to noodle around on instruments I have no business otherwise touching 🙂 . So keep that in mind while listening to these. I find I prefer the RED overall. It’s a brighter mic. The 414 was darker in color with a greater Low end/Low Mid response.

I kept the mic positioning as balanced as possible.

Signal chain = Mic – Hardy M1 – DomII – DAW. Dry recording/No EQ.

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X-Verb Lexicon inspired?

While demoing the SSL Duende X-verb I noticed the preset names seemed very familiar. I noticed the similarity to the Lexicon gear that i’m used to dealing with. That got my curiosity churning.  Time for a comparison I say. I pulled up some multitrack drum noodling & a  verb bus comparing both the X-verb & Lexicon m300. The result? It’s now of my opinion the X-verb team was influenced if not down right trying to replace the classic Lexicon hardware we know.

For the comparison I pulled up similar named presets on both the X-verb/ m300 & recorded the results @ 24/48.

MP3 Examples –

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3 on 3 – Hardware or Plugin? (Reverb Shootout)

I have processed some drum noodling with 3 highend hardware reverbs & 3 algorithm based plugin verbs. Are you able to tell the hardware from the plugin?  In each section three examples are processed with hardware, three are processed with plugins.

Hardware = Lexicon m300, Lexicon PCM 70, & TC M5000

Plugins = CSR , Sonitus Reverb, & Fabrik R Studio

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Duende Ver 3 / Ver 2 Signal analysis

Signal analysis testing the differences between the SSL Duende Ver 3 & 2 software.

Bus Compressor


Test BC 2.57 BC 3.00
Frequency response, dB: +0.81, -0.96 +1.61, -1.59
Noise level, dB (A): -144.8 -144.4
Dynamic range, dB (A): 130.2 129.6
THD, %: 0.157 0.277
IMD + Noise, %: 1.965 3.622
Stereo crosstalk, dB: -146.3 -144.3

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Moog Voyager / Minimonsta comparison

Moog Voyager / Minimonsta comparison

Out of nothing more then curiosity I wanted to know the fundamental differences between the Moog Voyager & Minimonsta. The filter is obvious so I didn’t even want to have that in the equation. I wanted to look at the raw building blocks, the oscillator waveforms. These are my results.

  1. 1.
  2. 2.
  3. 3.
  4. 4.
  5. 5.
  6. 6.



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