January 12, 2014
Dolby A “trick” frequency plots.

Ever curious what the Dolby A “trick” is doing to your audio? This is a frequency plot from -62dBu / 26dBu in 2dB steps.

Dolby A encoder on/off comparison via exaggerated smashed to hell room mics.

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August 28, 2012
Modified MXL 990 (RK-12 + Williams PCB redesign)

Finished soldering up/shooting photos of an exciting soon to be released mic mod from This particular mic started as a MXL 990. The capsule got swapped & the PCB/components had a complete make over. The mic sounds wonderful. It’s low-end response is insane. As a quick test before I bring this guy to live in the studio (FYI – this mic is going to park itself in front of my kit for it’s 1st real task) I decided to mic up some hand percussion to see how it performs. I put it side by side with my much trusted Red type-b/R8. The results are as follows.

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